Precision assaying for unwavering quality assurance

The Kinesis assay laboratory is an independent, internationally recognised facility that employs a range of methodologies to guarantee the highest possible purity of all precious metal output.

A look inside our assay laboratory

Internationally recognised laboratory

XRF & fire assay

Electrolysis & chlorination methods

A full range of assaying methodologies

At the Kinesis refinery, we inspect all gold and silver inputs and outputs at our certified assay laboratory, using a range of refining methodologies:


  • Fire assay
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) testing

We refine

• Mined doré bars

• Bars and ingots

• Coinage

• Manufacturing scrap and by-products

• Jewellery scrap & lemel

Our output

• 9999 gold

• 999 silver

Our products

Bullion blanks

We produce gold and silver blanks to fit your specific requirements at a minimum fineness of 9999 gold and 999 silver.

Bullion rounds

We manufacture signature gold and silver rounds at the Kinesis Mint, featuring the Egyptian goddess Ma’at.

Minted & cast bars

We manufacture minted and cast bullion bars in a wide range of weights, from 1ozt to 1kg.

Custom minting

Our custom minting service is here to help you craft unique, high-quality products that leave a lasting impression.

Our services & facilities


Our fully automated, PLC-controlled refinery has the capacity to refine bullion to a purity of 9999 gold and 999 silver.


We produce a selection of finished and semi-finished products including bullion bars, rounds, blanks and custom investment pieces.

Die production

We craft specialised moulds, dies and stamps to apply intricate 3D designs on your gold and silver products, using a top-of-the-line laser engraver.

Design studio

We offer design services for clients, with a talented team of in-house artists on-hand to drive your project to delivery.

Our team are here to help

If you have a bullion product you would like to discuss or a more general enquiry, fill out the contact form or give us a call.