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Who we are

Established in 2021, the Kinesis Mint is an independent precious metals refinery and mint based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our in-house team of expert craftsmen manufacture 200,000 pieces per month.

Experience the highest standards of craftsmanship

At the Kinesis Mint, we manufacture a range of bullion investment products including rounds, bars, and custom gold and silver, tailored to your requirements.

A true end-to-end minting service

The Kinesis Mint supports a full-scale operation of production services, including assaying and custom minting, as well as finished investment products such as bullion rounds and bars.

Precision assaying

We employ XRF and fire assay to ensure a minimum fineness of 9999 (gold) and 999 (silver).

9999 (AU) & 999 (AG)

The Kinesis Mint manufactures high-quality bullion products, that affirm a leading position in the global market.

Bullion provenance

Close control over the manufacturing process allows us to ensure the provenance of all input.

ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified & IRA Approved

The Kinesis Mint meets globally recognised standards of high quality across our products and services. Our ISO 9001 certification shows Kinesis’ gold and silver bullion products may be IRA-approved.

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What is the Kinesis Mint? + -

The Kinesis Mint was founded in 2021, as an institutionally-backed, state-of-the-art, 5,600m² facility operated in Istanbul, Turkey. The Mint offers refinery and minting services to clients across the globe, in over 220 countries.

Why purchase bullion from the Kinesis Mint? + -

We take full responsibility for ensuring the quality of our gold and silver at the Kinesis Mint, where we achieve a minimum fineness of 9999 (gold) and 999 (silver). We have significant capacity to meet the demands of the global wholesale market, with a current output of 4,000 oz of fine bullion per day. Our refinery is fully automated, PLC controlled and has the capacity to produce up to 100kg of physical gold bullion every day.

What input does the Kinesis Mint take for refinery services? + -

The Kinesis Refinery accepts high, medium and low-grade inputs, including:


  • Mined doré bars
  • Bars and ingots
  • Coinage
  • Manufacturing scrap and by-products
  • Jewellery scrap & lemel
How can I make a custom minting enquiry? + -

If you are a wholesaler, institution or government with a custom bullion minting enquiry, fill out the enquiry form on our Custom Minting page or contact our team directly at +90(850) 346-6020 or email [email protected].


The Kinesis Mint team operates from 9 am - 6 pm (GMT+3) and is on hand to answer any bullion requests you might have.

How can I get in contact with the team for a general enquiry? + -

For general enquiries about the Kinesis Mint, our products, services or availability, complete the form on the Contact Us page or contact our team by phone at +90(850) 346-6020 or email [email protected]


The Kinesis Mint team operates from 9 am - 6 pm (GMT+3) and is on hand to answer any bullion requests you might have.

Contact the Kinesis Mint

For more information on our bullion products and services, get in touch with our team.