We produce bullion of the highest quality

The Kinesis Mint independently manufactures a wide range of bullion products, including blanks, rounds, minted and cast bars.

Highest purity

All minted bullion products are a minimum fineness of 9999 for gold and 999 for silver. 

Master craftsmanship

We offer intricate, bespoke designs engraved with the highest standards of precision.

Quality guaranteed

We employ a range of assay methodologies to verify our output, including cupellation, XRF testing and ICP.

Bullion blanks

We produce gold and silver rounds in any shape or size to fit your specific requirements. All bullion is refined to a minimum fineness of 9999 in gold and 999 in silver.

Bullion rounds

Kinesis signature gold and silver rounds showcase the expert craftsmanship of our design team, depicting the image of the Egyptian goddess of justice, Ma’at.

Minted & cast bars

We offer minted and cast bars in a range of investment sizes. Kinesis’ minted bullion bars are engraved with the ancient Greek goddess of justice, Themis, as recognition of our harmonious, trusted relationship with investors.

Our minting services

Custom bullion minting

Make your vision a reality with our custom minting service.

Design studio

Our design team can assist your project all the way from concept to coin.

Services & facilities

Find out what we offer at our 5,600m² facility.

Buy Kinesis’ signature bullion products

View our range of signature rounds and bars at the Kinesis Bullion store, independently produced at the Kinesis Mint for superior value and unmistakable quality. 

Our team are here to help

If you have a bullion product you would like to discuss or a more general enquiry, fill out the contact form or give us a call.